Estimating & Reconciliation

Our Estimating Division also provides the estimating and reconciliation service as a standalone service. We strongly believe that our Estimating Service is a feasible and cost effective choice. It is imperative to have a detailed estimate not only to know the overall project cost, but it has the following advantages as well,

  • Knowing the exact project cost helps in confidently determining the sale / lease price of our property as per the intended use.
  • The area statement highlights the RCC built-up and Sellable area ratio, which is a key element in determining the cost per Sellable Sq. Ft.
  • Define specifications and project amenities knowing the cost impact of each.
  • Our categorized and detailed quantity survey can be used for material procurement also.
  • Know material wastage ratios with regular and thorough reconciliation.


  • Prepare preliminary budget.
  • Provide area statement including RCC built-up and Sellable areas.
  • Upon receipt of final architectural WD’s, prepare Master estimate with detailed breakdown cost for each work package i.e. Earthwork, RCC, brickwork, plastering, tiling, doors, windows, project overhead, etc.
  • Perform detailed quantity survey, and prepare material requisition accordingly.
  • Upon receipt of final RCC WD’s, perform detailed concrete and steel quantity survey.
  • Prepare monthly and cumulative cash flow charts for the overall project duration.
  • Provide reconciliation of estimated quantity versus actual consumption.
  • Compile reconciliation of the bid/tender versus actual quantities.

Graph Illustration

Project Construction Cost

Building Construction Cost

Land Development Cost